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Germany's Best Drivers is Europe's largest driving safety campaign.

Who are Germany's best drivers?

The largest trade fair in the world was a valuable experience.

For the 30th time AUTO BILD and its partners have chosen Germany's best drivers under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Transport.

In addition to a theory test, the 22 finalists had to prove themselves in six practical tests. Test 1:

Target braking The aim of this test is to make an emergency stop at up to 70 km/h and to come to a halt as close as possible to an obstacle. Test 2:

Braking and swerving Here the participants had to avoid an obstacle while braking fully. Test 3:

Unbraked lane change The participants have to drive through a pylon lane without braking if possible. Test 4: Fuel consumption drive Whoever wins here and consumes the least fuel on the specified test route was helped to decide by our MDeco

training and measurement system. Test 5:

Off-road course Off the asphalt and into the terrain. Test 6:

Handling course It's all about time. The participants have to drive through a pylon alley at the highest possible speed. The water in a bowl on the roof of the vehicle must not be spilled. If water sloshes out, it must be refilled. At the end, the best male and female driver were crowned. They were allowed to go home with a brand new car. Click here to go to the AUTO BILD event page:
Click here for the Mitsubishi press release:

Image sources: AutoBild/Axel Springer SE, Mitsubishi Motors/MMD Automobile GmbH.

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