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Now it's that time again - the winter season has arrived with us.

Winterising the car - a small checklist


The tread depth should be at least four millimetres; below that, they are only of limited use and should be replaced. In addition, they should not be older than 10 years.


Especially in the dark season, it is important to "see and be seen". That is why automobile clubs, monitoring organisations and many workshops offer a free light test in October. According to statistics, one third of all vehicles are on the road with faulty vehicle lighting.


To prevent the car doors from freezing, the rubber seals should be greased. A glycerine stick is best suited for this. The door lock can also freeze up quickly in winter; spraying the locks with graphite spray is a good preventative measure.


It is very important to check the cooling water. If the antifreeze content is too low, you must top up with antifreeze. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the mixing ratio.
The windshield wiper system should also have sufficient antifreeze to prevent the windshields from freezing.


If there are visible cracks or streaks, the windscreen wipers should be replaced. The inside of the windows should also be cleaned thoroughly so that they do not mist up so quickly. Our recommendation: Use a little glass cleaner and crumpled newspaper instead of a cloth, it cleans perfectly!


In 2016, the battery was again the most frequent cause of breakdowns, accounting for 39 %. You can find a rather interesting overview of which other vehicle models have which causes of breakdowns in the detailed breakdown report from 2016. Link


Important things to always have on hand in winter:

  • Starter cable in case the battery goes on strike
  • Ice scraper, hand brush, cover film for the windscreen
  • Warm blanket, in case of a breakdown
  • if door lock de-icer, then of course do not store it in the car

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