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In 5 steps to your own cloud application

Increase your operational efficiency, maximize your customer experience and open up new revenue streams with your own cloud application. With little investment, no programming required and no complex installation, you can start your digital business immediately with our complete package. We provide you with the necessary hardware, set up your personal "ready-to-use" cloud domain and support you with our services. This way you can launch and profit from your own cloud application in just 5 simple steps.

Reduce costs

By collecting machine data, you can use and optimize it more efficiently, and concrete maintenance planning also protects against unexpected high costs.

Increase customer loyalty

Your cloud application allows you to offer new services and create an improved experience for your customers. This leads to a closer connection between your customers and your company.

Increase sales figures

By tapping into a new business model, you can offer your own automated software as a service without a large investment and passively potentiate your revenue.

Step 1


With the white labeling of MACHINES.CLOUD, you can holistically adapt the platform to your own image.


Easily and quickly you can set logos, colors and fonts.


Our MACHINES.CLOUD gives you the option of creating any number of sub-accounts for business partners. This way, they can also build their own digital business model.

Step 2

Set up

Our MACHINES.CLOUD is intuitive to set up and operate. Numerous ready-made modules, so-called widgets, enable you to get started quickly and easily.

Modular principle

The menu structure and its contents can be customized to your needs thanks to the modular principle.

Real-time visualization

With the integration of graphical elements, real-time data can be visualized vividly.

Development Tools

In addition to the existing applications, you can develop and integrate your own software modules.

Step 3


You can get off to a fast start with the sophisticated user and device management.

Users & Roles

You can create users and assign roles in Administration. The roles define which functions a user is allowed to perform within your cloud application.


Individual devices are registered via the IMEI. By importing a device list, even a large number of machines can be registered quickly and easily.

Step 4


Analog processes are digitized. Employees are automatically informed about important processes and data through workflows.


With the alarm function you create rules for geozones and thresholds. When an alarm is triggered, an email or SMS is sent to defined recipients.

Data export

With the help of the Smart Rules Wizard you can create automated data exports. This gives you the opportunity to automate condition monitoring processes and save time-consuming routines.

Step 5


The open ecosystem of MACHINES.CLOUD allows you to connect the cloud platform to your existing applications.

Connectors to third party systems

You have more than 170 ready-made connectors to other applications, such as SAP, Salesforce® or Microsoft®. This allows you to synchronize and update data across applications.

Rest API interface

Thanks to the open REST API interface, data can be universally connected to your cloud platform from any application or device.

Everything for your connected machinery

Our complete package


We started developing our own hardware as early as 15 years ago. With this know-how, we also test and evaluate external suppliers. This way we can provide you with the best hardware for any application scenario.


Our experts support you on your way to you connected machinery from the very beginning. From project management to services in the field of development and technology, we are always at your disposal.

You want more information?

We would be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on the possibilities of our IoT solution for your company.