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How Hydraulik-Paule is revolutionizing attachment rental

Digitization in action

In the construction industry, where every lost day means costs, optimizing rental processes is crucial for success. Hydraulik-Paule, a leading company in the attachment rental sector, has taken a major step towards digitalization and increased efficiency in collaboration with us. The implementation of MACHINES.CLOUD and the robust Solid II tracking device is an example of the transformation of traditional business processes through the use of modern technologies.

The challenge: ambiguities in the rental business

The challenges facing Hydraulik-Paule were manifold. As a rental company for demolition tools such as demolition hammers, pulverizers and recycling technologies, the company was faced with the difficulty of determining the exact operating time of the rented equipment. This not only made accurate billing difficult, but also made planning maintenance cycles considerably more difficult.

The digital solution: telematics portal and Solid II

Hydraulik-Paule found the answer to these challenges in the digital networking of its attachments using the telematics portal and Solid II. This combination offers an innovative solution for recording machine data in real time and managing it centrally.

Solid II - Robust and reliable

The Solid II has been specially developed for use in demanding environments. Its robust design and long battery life make it ideal for the continuous monitoring of attachments, even under the toughest conditions.

Central data platform

By integrating the data into the telematics portal, Hydraulik-Paule can precisely monitor and analyze the use of its attachments. The platform makes it possible to record operating times, track locations and identify maintenance requirements at an early stage.

Optimization of operating processes

The data obtained enables precise billing based on actual usage time, which leads to fair pricing and increased customer satisfaction. The GPS tracking function also offers effective theft protection and simplifies the return of devices.

Efficient maintenance planning

The detailed usage data enables Hydraulik-Paule to optimize maintenance intervals and reduce downtimes. This not only increases the availability of the attachments, but also extends their service life.

A look into the future

The successful implementation of these digital solutions at Hydraulik-Paule shows how technology can change traditional business models and open up new efficiency potential. It is an example of how digitalization is revolutionizing the construction industry and helping companies to optimize their processes, reduce costs and improve customer service.

The future belongs to those who are prepared to break new ground and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. Hydraulik-Paule is a pioneer on this path and proves that investing in modern technologies is a key to success in today's fast-moving business world.

Interview with Manuel Paulus

For an insight into the practical implementation, we recommend the video interview with Manuel Paulus, the junior manager of Hydraulik-Paule GmbH. In this interview, he shares valuable experiences and explains how the introduction of a telematics portal and Solid II has increased efficiency and customer satisfaction at Hydraulik-Paule. A must for anyone interested in the practical application of modern technologies in the construction industry.

Watch the full interview to dive deeper into Hydraulik-Paule's success story and discover how digital solutions are shaping the future of the industry.

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