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Johannes Stephan in an interview with Lectura

Innovative technologies are shaping the future of the construction industry. In an insightful interview with Lectura, Johannes Stephan, CEO of MDT, shares his views on the development of the industry.


The interview, which was conducted at our joint stand with Lectura at NordBau, offers insights into our strategic considerations and technological advances.


A key topic of the interview is the need for an open ecosystem for mobile machine data. Johannes Stephan emphasizes the relevance of established standards and open interfaces in order to increase efficiency and performance. He also discusses our full-service approach, from innovative hardware solutions to the cloud and accompanying services.


Our company is at the forefront of tackling the challenges facing the construction industry. With a focus on technological innovation, we offer solutions that not only increase the efficiency and performance of construction machinery, but also open up new opportunities for the industry.


As a leader in the provision of machine data, Lectura has been supporting numerous companies in the industry for decades. The DigiMessenger serves as a central source of information for the latest findings in the fields of machine transport, agriculture and construction. Here, experts and interested parties can find in-depth insights and current trends.


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The full interview with Johannes Stephan can be found on page 60.

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