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Tracking in harsh environments: What you should watch out for

Monitoring and tracking assets in demanding and harsh environments is a particular challenge, especially without an available power supply. Rough terrain, extreme weather conditions and high exposure to dust, dirt and water are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account. The Solid II is a device that has been specially designed for such operating conditions. In this article, you will find out what you should look out for when tracking in harsh environments and how the Solid II meets these requirements.

Robustness and reliability

In harsh environments, the durability of the tracking device is crucial. Thanks to its robust design, the Solid II is ideally suited for outdoor use and can withstand even the most demanding conditions. It delivers reliable data over several years thanks to its long energy runtime.

Weather resistance

The Solid II is not only robust, but also weatherproof. It can withstand extreme temperatures, water and dust. These features are particularly important as devices in harsh environments are often exposed to the elements. The Solid II ensures that your data is captured safely and reliably even in the harshest environments.

Long battery life

Long battery life is essential in harsh environments where regular battery replacement or recharging is often difficult or impossible. The Solid II offers an impressive power runtime that enables long-term monitoring without frequent maintenance interventions.

Easy integration and customizability

The ability to easily integrate the tracking device into existing systems and adapt it to specific needs is another important aspect. The Solid II can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of applications.

When tracking in harsh environments, robust, reliable and weatherproof devices with long battery life and easy integration are crucial. The Solid II fulfills all of these requirements, making it an excellent choice for companies working in demanding environments. With the Solid II, you can ensure that your assets are monitored at all times, regardless of the environmental conditions. It provides a solid foundation for efficient asset tracking and management in the most demanding environments.

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