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Redesign of the user interface

The redesigned user interface combines aesthetics with function. In addition to appealing colors, we've placed special emphasis on accessibility - whether via screen readers or simple keyboard input. Discover a more intuitive design that makes your work easier.

Optimization of the right bar

Experience greater ease of use and efficiency with the redesigned right panel. Information about platform versions and global roles is now immediately accessible. Smooth access to settings rounds out the experience.

Markdown widget

An exciting tool for all those who use files in the Markdown markup language! This widget offers a versatile display of information and hints.

Heatmap widget

The new heatmap widget provides a visual representation of specific readings on a daily basis, with color groups quickly providing information on deviations. The flexibility in data presentation allows for even more accurate analysis.

Timeline widget

Visualize start and stop events, monitor activity times of your devices and facilitate billing with accurate records. A must-have for anyone who wants to make their processes efficient.

Google Map widget

Keep track of your devices. This widget shows the last position of a device on a Google map. With configurable information and an "auto-refresh" function, you are always up to date.

Device management

We have further developed the front end of our device management application. Instead of the "map" widget, you can now expect quick links and current alarm messages, complemented by a more intuitive user interface.

OEE app

You can now define one-time and repetitive work shifts in the OEE application based on location. This enables us to calculate various important metrics even more accurately.

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