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The latest update of MACHINES.CLOUD: Everything you need to know


Discover new possibilities!

Our MACHINES.CLOUD has received a great update! Version 10.16 brings many new features and improvements. We give you a short and understandable overview here.

Flexible user interface customization

From now on, there is a new option to extend the user interface of MACHINES.CLOUD. In addition to the existing options to develop your own application or modify an existing one, there is now the possibility to use plugins. This allows flexible customization of the interface without requiring web development skills or the creation of a complete application. This allows, for example, a single new feature to be brought online on the fly.

Packages: Bundle, share, reuse

The introduction of the plugin function also enables the use of the new application type "Packages". This allows you to combine several plugins into a complete package so that you can use the user interface more efficiently in different applications. Another advantage is versioning: you can select exactly the plugin version you want to use and thus avoid version conflicts.

Uncomplicated application sharing

The introduction of the "SHARED" setting for application packages means that they can now be shared with subtenants within your organization. In plain language, this means that each subscriber does not have to subscribe to the application packages individually, but they can be shared by a main subscriber (parent tenant). This supports a self-service approach to web application usage.

Complete applications as blueprints

With the new Blueprint feature, you can now create complete applications and deploy them as packages. This is especially useful for specialized solutions such as water or smart city management. In addition, if the versions of the packages and the deployed applications are out of sync, you will be notified and can simply click to update.

Improvements in device management

  • More flexibility with the Loriot agent: From now on, multiple connections per tenant are possible. Moreover, you can connect to multiple devices.

  • Easy registration of Loriot devices: Device registration is now also possible via the settings page.

  • Enhanced support for Thingpark Enterprise: The Actility agent can now register devices with Thingpark Enterprise and Wireless. Also, JSON is now supported as an input payload type for uplink messages.

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