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From now on, evaluate all cloud activities in even greater detail

New feature: Extended usage statistics

Our MACHINES.CLOUD has received an exciting upgrade that will help you optimize the use of your cloud resources. With this move, we're taking your cloud experience to a whole new level.

The usage statistics: A detailed overview of your activities

Our new menu item allows you to evaluate all your activities even better. Whether it's device management, memory usage or API requests - the new feature brings clarity to your consumption data and allows you to manage your resources more efficiently.

Real-time monitoring through interactive graphs

The usage statistics present the key figures in the form of interactive graphs. This visual representation gives you instant insight into key aspects of your cloud usage:


  • Device management: See at a glance how many devices are registered in your cloud.

  • Memory usage: Evaluate the memory space used and identify potential for savings.

  • API requests: Get detailed insights into the traffic generated by your devices

Insight into your monthly cloud licensing statement

The visualized data in the usage statistics is the key to your monthly cloud license billing. Never before has it been so easy to track your billing in detail. Usage statistics provide a transparent overview of your cloud usage, so you can easily track down the data originators.

Figure: Example view usage statistics

Deep understanding of your API requests

Understand your API requests better than ever before! Usage statistics allow you to not miss important information about outbound events, alarms, and metrics. This comprehensive understanding helps you make the most of your cloud resources while maintaining the quality of your services.

Detailed insights and ability to act

The upgrade includes much more! Users can zoom into the graphs to analyze suspicious rashes in detail. The handy spreadsheet provides all the details used to create the graphs. These can be filtered and sorted as needed to get exactly the information you need.

Overview of groups and devices

The "Groups" and "Device" tabs provide you with a detailed overview of how your groups and devices are using the cloud resources. This allows you to optimize your cloud strategy and deploy resources in a targeted manner to ensure efficient use.

Data export made easy

Your data, your decision! We want you to be able to use your data according to your needs. That's why we've made it easy to export graphs as .png, .svg or even .csv files. You have the freedom to save the data in your preferred format.

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