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We are very proud to realize a sustainability project with Hering. In the process, we are allowed to digitalize the entire car fleet.

Hering Group introduces sustainable fleet management

Reduce pollutants and avoid accidents

Competence comes from skill. This is what the name HERING has stood for for over 128 years when it comes to construction. As a medium-sized, family-run company with around 560 employees, we combine this experience with a modern corporate concept. Progress and innovation are a constant process for us. This is one reason why Hering is the market leader in many areas of construction.

We are very proud to realise a sustainability project with Hering and are allowed to digitalise the complete car fleet.

In the course of sustainable fleet development, we are equipping the car fleet with our self-developed fleet systems MDlog. These can be operated WITHOUT GPS positioning and only access the telemetry data of the vehicles.

With our full-service solution approach, we planned the project together with the fleet management and involved the works council at an early stage. Since everyone involved at Hering is pulling in the same direction, it was possible to efficiently solve employee protection through a special company agreement and data protection through an order data processing contract.

After the installation of the hardware, the drivers receive their own access to our web portal and can view their driving data there. In a next step, an individually configured drivers' league will be set up.

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